Homestead has been blessed with Victoria Moore as our MFLC for the year. MFLC permission slips went home this week to sign and return as soon as possible. If you have any questions please reach out to Victoria Moore at 907-201-0882 or


Information regarding MFLC:


Dear Parents,


We take this opportunity to inform you of a valuable resource provided by the Department of Defense. Due to the unique challenges military members face and the impact they have on families, the Office of Military Community and Family Policy provides Child and Youth Behavioral Military Family Life Counselors (CYB-MFLCs). CYB-MFLCs have advanced degrees (masters or doctoral-level) in the mental health field and specialized training in child and youth development. They support the needs of children and families by partnering with parents, faculty, counselors and staff to foster healthy growth and social skill development. The well-being and safety of your child is our top priority. They may have the need to share information about your child/children with school or program professionals to ensure a comprehensive continuum of services.


CYB-MFLCs address challenging behaviors and strengthen the capacity of staff, families, programs and systems to meet the needs of military children and youth by:

  • Observing, participating and engaging in classroom activities
  • Developing strategies for supporting positive behavior, age-appropriate behavioral interventions to enhance coping and behavioral skills in the classrooms and at home
  • Meeting one-on-one or in groups, providing evidence-based prevention and intervention services
  • Implementing and modeling strategies for teacher and staff responses to children’s behavior
  • Conducting trainings for staff
  • Facilitating groups to increase parents’ understanding of social emotional development and positive behavior guidance strategies
  • Linking families with community resources or military family programs
  • Working with military children in settings such as field trips and other center, camp or school-sponsored activities.
  • Conducting individual sessions to address the unique challenges of school-aged military children and youth


At no time will the CYB-MFLC meet individually with a child without being in line of sight of a teacher, staff, or a parent/guardian. CYB-MFLCs are mandated reporters and information provided to the CYB-MFLC will be kept confidential, except to meet legal obligations or to prevent harm to self or others. Legal obligations include requirements of law and DoD or military regulations. Harm to self or others includes suicidal thought or intent, a desire to harm oneself, domestic violence, child abuse or neglect, violence against any person, and any present or future illegal activity. The CYB-MFLC is obligated to follow school and military child and youth programs' regulations for reporting safety concerns including problematic sexual behaviors in children and youth.


CYB-MFLCs encourage the participation of parents in decisions that affect their children and strive to empower parents with the knowledge and skills to act in their children’s best interest.


CYB-MFLCs are flexible and can schedule appointments, meetings and activities after hours and on weekends, if needed, with advance notice. They are available to meet with individuals and families who have interest in seeking consultation about their child or family.


Thank you for allowing us to provide support services to your child/children.